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Todays Statistics

Temperature: 5 °CLow: 0 °CHigh: 0 °C
Rainfall: 0 mmToday: 0 mmLast 24hrs: 0 mm
Relative humidity:69 % Low: 0 %High: 0 %
Global Irradiance:0 W/m²Low: 0 W/m²High: 0 W/m²
Pressure:1003 hPaLow: 0 hPaHigh: 0 hPa
Wind Speed:7 m/sMax: 0 m/sTime: 00:00hrs
Wind Direction:West - 257°


Attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this data, however the design and maintenance of this weather station is primarily for teaching purposes within the Climatology And Research Methods courses in the School Of Geography. Use of this data for any other purpose is at the users' own risk. The timestamps displayed are not adjusted for NZ Daylight savings. All timestamps displayed are in UTC+12:00.

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